White Paper on Retirement Decumulation trends – co-authored with Capgemini

October 4, 2021 | Income Discovery

New white paper suggests key trends in serving retirees

In partnership with Capgemini and with active participation from leading firms across wealth management and retirement plans, we cataloged existing products and services for meeting retirees’ decumulation needs. 

Given regulatory and other industry trends, the paper postulates the following key predictions in serving retirees:

  • Personalized retirement income advice inside a retirement plan, factoring in held-away retail assets, will become prevalent
  • Wealth management firms will be challenged in acquiring retiree rollovers and will need to serve clients with their assets spread across retirement plans and retail brokerage accounts
  • Pushed by regulations to compare fees and expenses across retirement plans and retail accounts, the tools and calculators supporting the industry will need to incorporate fees and become more comprehensive in their analysis  
  • Decumulation services will evolve towards subscription-based advice, the least conflicting fee model 
  • Automated Unified Managed Income disbursals – the capability to provide holistic retirement income for all expenses – will reduce the delivery cost and expand the pool of retirees served 
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